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Abellio London Withdrawn Vehicles

Abellio London Plaxton Pointer Dart SK02 TZN-8065

Abellio London is a subsidiary of Abellio, the National rail operator of Holland owned by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The company currently operates around 800 vehicles of different types, on 61 Transport for London routes, operated from 6 Bus Garages.

Due to the loss of contracted work, or the age of the vehicle fleet in operation, from time to time Abellio London withdraws some of its vehicle stock from public service. In this section of the website, you will find our images of vehicles formerly owned and operated by Abellio London on both current and former routes.

Abellio London Plaxton Pointer 2/Dennis Dart SLF – 8.8 | 10.2 metre

Abellio London Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini