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London Fire Brigade Fire Rescue Units

London Fire Brigade Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 FRU WP21 ZPU - FRU32

As befits the role of a modern fire and rescue service, the London Fire Brigade maintains and operates a large fleet of specialist appliances and vehicles that attend incidents in support of the main pumping appliances. This fleet currently includes several Fire Rescue Units that are utilised at incidents such as Road Traffic Collisions, Flooding, Water Rescues, and others that require specialist equipment and knowledge.

In this section of the website, you will find our images of the Mercedes Benz Atego 1325F (withdrawn) and Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 Fire Rescue Units operated by the London Fire Brigade, captured at various locations.

London Fire Brigade Mercedes Benz Atego Fire Rescue Units (FRU)

Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 (current)

Mercedes Benz Atego 1325F (withdrawn)